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Unwrapping Gift Box

Wrap their senses with care

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Show how much you care with Take Care

At Take Care, we believe in maintaining connections with our loved ones, no matter near or far, in ways that touch the heart. We provide a gift-giving experience that is convenient for you while being as personal as we can, and appealing to the five senses so it’s almost like you’re right there with them. Here we believe that a busy life should not get in the way of keeping in touch with the people in our lives and reminding them that we care. With our personalized build-a-care-package product and service, keeping connections with your loved ones is just one click away. 

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How to Order

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Select a size

Select a size for your box to start building. The price listed for the small or large box is the starting cost of your box.


Add your products

Next, go to our shop tab and add products to your cart. We recommend adding at least one product from each category:

- Sight - Sound - Scent

- Touch -Taste


Check out

Once you've added 5 products or more, check out! Enter code: FIRST for 10% off your first order and get FREE domestic shipping for orders over $75. Look out for a free gift just for you with your first order. 

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Build - a - Box

“The one good thing about not seeing you is that I can write you letters.”

Svetlana Alliluyevad

Take Care

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